Madrid nunca duerme 

Life in Madrid is so intense and so full of joy that sleeping is just a little detail. Going to Madrid is like make a full of happiness, sounds and colours.

The aperitif/happy hour in Madrid is a ritual based by various tapas accompanied by beer and wine but it’s also a good occasion to spend some time with friends and knowing new people, drinking and eating all together!

There is also a really nice place where I love spending time eating amazing pinchos and drinking good wine, that’s the Lateral (next to Calle Velasques 57, or in Plaza Sant’Ana).

La Latina is a very famous district for the aperitifs but never forget  that Spanish people usually drink their aperitifs at 9.00 o clock pm and so these locals are closing at 02.00 am.




For what concern the dinner I’ve been in two really different places: Botin Restaurant (Calle de los Chuchilleros, 17)

Botin, the world's eldest restaurant

Botin, the world’s eldest restaurant

and Gloria de Montera (Calle Caballero de Gracia, 10, situated in a really little street next to the Principal one that is Gran Via). Dine at the Botin restaurant, “the most ancient restaurant in the world” is a really unique experience for the location, for the atmosphere and the Menù too, for this reason I always advise to book early or maybe online such as we did.

Instead the Gloria de Montera restaurant is a great one, with Spanish and Europe cuisine, and a good value for money. The restaurant is always full of tourists but also people from Madrid like going there.. so for this reason for the lunch sometimes you can also find the queue! (if you are going late something like 22.00 I advise to book it cause in Spain it’s the time for dinner!).

I really recommend the Ramses restaurant (Plaza de la Independencia 4) cause it isn’t  just a simple restaurant but it’s also seen like a lounge bar, Winery, Champagne bar. The Ramses is definitely one of the cooler local in Madrid. It’s situated next to Puerta de Acalà and it’s very well attended. This Ramses was created by Philippe Starck, with an ultra-modern  and very sought design. I really recommend you to go there cause is a really evocative place! http://www.ramseslife.com/

Ramses,  one of the cooler local in Madrid

Ramses, one of the cooler local in Madrid

I also wanna mention some of the cooler discos in Madrid such as Gabbana (Calle Valazquez, 3), New Garamond (C/Rosario Pino, 14) and Pacha (Calle de Barcelo, 11).

 Pacha Disco in Madrid

Pacha Disco in Madrid

Tomorrow I’m glad to write here some tips on shopping and the wonderful city’s landscape.


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